UNION POWER! harnesses "market power" to provide practical cost-of-living benefits to union members and their families.

Union Power! is a group-purchasing service established by peak body Unions Tasmania to negotiate "bulk buy" discounts for essential, every day items.

By working with affiliated unions—which collectively represent tens of thousands of working Tasmanians—Union Power! can negotiate significant discounts for union members that would not otherwise be made available.

Union Power! will negotiate discounts for:

  • Electricity;
  • Petrol;
  • Natural Gas; and,
  • Internet services.

Union Power! agents will strike the best price from suppliers, who will be keen to tap into the customer base that unions provide.

When determining supply contracts, factors other than best-price will include ethical corporate behaviour, employment practice, safety records and the level of Tasmanian ownership/employment.

The first step in getting this pilot project off the ground is to maximise the number of people who register for Union Power. Registration is free, and union members are asked to encourage fellow members to take a few seconds to register. 

Union Power! is all about union members helping each other, and lessening the increasing impacts of cost-of-living pressures.

No-one else is going to do it for us. We need to look out for each other.

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Registration for Union Power discounts
Union Power discounts are only available to union members.
Union Power discounts are available to members of unions which are affiliated with Unions Tasmania.

If you do not know your Union Membership Number, contact your Union. Click here for Union Contact details.

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